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One of the most anticipated workplace trends of the 21st Century is the huge retirement wave that will hit most industrialized countries, including the United States, in the next few years. But surveys consistently report that most companies are unprepared to respond to the seismic shifts that are expected to appear in the workforce. Intekras has worked with multiple government Agencies to assist them in ultimately achieving a ‘green’ score in the Strategic Management of Human Capital on the President’s Management Agenda (PMA).

Virtual Classroom

Intekras provides optimal learning environments and has over 30+ combined years of training experience in a multitude of countries and languages.

Learning Commerce (E-Commerce)

Intekras has a comprehensive methodology that addresses needs of business in order to better a company’s services, deliverable schedules, and mitigate costs.

Collaboration Tools

Our focus on communications and intraoffice productivity is highlighted by the application of various tools and tried and true methods and protocols to better project management, develop the workforce, and assist in creating a collaborative mentality.

Talent (Succession Planning)

 Intekras aligns your organizations current talent development and strategy to best scope future leadership continuity and needs.

Workforce Assessment & Skill Gap Analysis

Intekras works with your staff to develop processes and plans to identify and assess key workforce competency and skills gaps, and provides solutions for closing the identified competency and skill gaps to best achieve your organizations strategic objectives

Learning Management Systems (LMS) & Certifications

Intekras has created one of the largest Learning Management Systems for civilian client Health and Human Services (HHS). Our software application and training expertise allows a unique educational experience to suit your organization’s needs.

Content (Learning Content Management Systems & Development Tools)

Our versatile team has the creativity and software skills to engage and develop varying LCMS platforms to deliver efficient, easily understood, and dynamic information to diverse audiences.

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