Information Assurance & Cybersecurity Solutions

Intekras’s Information Assurance & Cybersecurity group offers a broad suite of solutions designed to protect your most critical information assets and reduce the probability or impact stemming from an undesirable or unexpected event.Our goal is to assist you in protecting and defending your information and information systems from risks that threaten confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, and non-repudiation. These risks are relevant whether the information is in storage, processing, or transit, whether threatened by malice or accident, or if technical, organizational and management in nature.



Cyber Security

When faced with hackers, viruses, trojans and more, cyber security is a must for any organization. Intekras uses our extensive knowledge of software and software development coupled with our information assurance tools and protocols to assure maximum digital protection.

Identity & Access Management

Intekras has the framework and capabilities set in place to protect and hide identity. We control and manage your electronic identity to only be accessed at a chosen time, by a chosen person, for a chosen specific purpose.

Security Authorization

Intekras’ security authorization policies and procedures are tailored to the relevant system development life cycle phase and program strategy and scaled according to the size and complexity of the system(s).

IT Governance

Intekras’ security consultants guide you through every step in creating a risk-minded organization that not only safeguards your vital information assets but mitigates the likelihood and impact of IT failures.

IT Security Architecture Review

Intekras comprehensively reviews applications, network, servers, and services within an organization’s environment and identifies methods to enhance and improve system infrastructure and support.

Security Control Assessor

Intekras employs ‘best practices’ when using Security Testing & Evaluation (STE) procedures for varying information systems. We assess implemented management, operational, assurance, and technical security controls to mitigate any and all risks to your information systems. 

Vulnerability Assessment

Intekras assesses the risks, reviews an organization’s Incident Response capabilities, operational protocols, policies & procedures, and other compensating controls, and determines the damage a data breach or other security failure would have.

Penetration Testing

Through active penetration testing, Intekras IT security experts are able determine the feasibility of an attack and the amount of impact a successful exploit, if discovered, may have. 

IT Security Risk Review

Intekras utilizes the most current risk framework guidelines (ISO, NIST) to identify, analyze, and evaluate the most critical exposures and then recommend ways to treat those risks.

IT Security Operations Review

Intekras applies standard ‘best practices’ and risk frameworks to ensure that all aspects and functions of the security operation run in the most efficient and effective manner, including CMM, COBIT and SSE-CMM..

Disaster Recovery/COOP

Intekras is well-versed in compliance issues related to Continuity of Operations (COOP), Continuity of Government (COG), Homeland Security Policies, and the execution of mission accountability at all times.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

When faced with resource misuse, policy abuse, denial-of-service, or data breach, Intekras’ consultants can investigate the circumstances behind the event and provide assistance in remediation.

Independent Verification & Validation

Intekras’ consultants – skilled in project management, systems analysis, business process design, and risk management – determine whether a solution (either in development or production) meets expectations and identify where project risks lie.

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