Project Officer,COTR

Intekras has consistently demonstrated such outstanding performance that, in rare circumstances like these, justifies a rating above ‘excellent.’

Project Officer,COTR /HHS / Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Chief Information Officer

I am confident that if an incident occurs, the Intekras team will run to solve it, report it, and see it through to completion. I can’t tell you how important that is to me… I don’t have time to baby sit my partners and I never have to with Intekras. They do excellent work.

Chief Information Officer / The Peace Corps

Contracting Officer Technical Representative

The Intekras team has gone above and beyond delivering on-time and under budget. They are a great asset to the team” …Intekras completed the HSPD-12 C&A process on-time and within budget resulting in HUD’s award of additional C&A work on their General Support System.

Contracting Officer Technical Representative / Department of Housing and Urban Development


We Proudly Support The US Navy

Intekras Customer Testimonials From The Navy Warfare Development Command


You have my sincerest appreciation and respect for the selfless devotion and of your time and expertise. This is a potentially game-changing product for our warrior sailors dealing with a high stakes mission that has captured world attention.


“The Intekras manager and staff continue to be invaluable in every possible contractual area. Highly pro-active on any issue of which they are aware, Intekras is informative, accommodating, and professional. They have fulfilled their contract proposal to the letter and in spirit.”

Division Head, Publications Division

Federal Clients

The enthusiasm, professionalism, leadership and initiative that I’ve seen Intekras bring to NS5/NS7 have been unmatched in my 40+ years of federal service.

Chief, Support Services Branch

Chief, Support Services Branch
Defense Information Systems Agency

The entire Intekras team is doing a wonderful job at FEMA.

Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security Officer
Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency