Acceptable Use Policy


With the changing face of information systems today, CIOs need to deal with the sensitivity of information made available, wittingly or unwittingly, to parties outside their organizations. The Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) legally binds the usage of systems, etc. as indicated by its content, and seeks to govern those individuals who might have little discipline or understanding in dealing with the nuances of the ever-intensifying knowledge economy.

This Intekras AUP is intended to communicate to Clients and Authorized Users worldwide how Intekras ensures the privacy, integrity and security of all her systems, services, products, server hosting facilities, and data (the “Intekras Network”). From time to time, Intekras may modify the AUP to keep pace with commercial, legal, and technological developments. Modifications to the AUP take effect when posted to this website.

Intekras Network Security

Clients and Authorized Users are prohibited from violating, or attempting to violate, the security of the Intekras Network. Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessing data not intended for Client or Authorized User
  • Logging into a server or account without authorized access
  • Probing, scanning, or testing the vulnerability of a system or network
  • Breaching security or authentication measures without authorization
  • Interfering with service to any user, host, or network
  • Overloading, flooding, mail-bombing, or crashing a host or network
  • Any action designed to obtain services to which the violator is not entitled
  • Eavesdropping or session-hijacking

Illegal Use

The Intekras Network is available to Clients and Authorized Users strictly for lawful purposes. Clients and Authorized Users may not use the Intekras Network to create, transmit, distribute or store material or data that:

  • Impairs the privacy of any communication over the Intekras Network
  • Violates the privacy, publicity, copyright, trade secret, or other intellectual property right
  • Contains obscene or pornographic content
  • May be threatening, abusive, or hateful
  • Violates export control laws or regulations
  • Encourages conduct constituting a crime or giving rise to civil liability
  • Causes technical disturbances to the Intekras Network by viruses, worms, or other destructive mechanism
  • Constitutes deceptive on-line marketing or advertising
  • Assists, or permits, anyone else to engage in any prohibited activity

Where they become aware of wrongful conduct, Clients and Authorized Users of the Intekras Network must so notify Intekras immediately, and take all reasonable measures to order to cause such conduct to cease.

Unsolicited Communications (“Spam”)

No Client or Authorized User may post the same or similar unsolicited e-mail message, bulk commercial advertising, or informational announcement to one or more user groups (“Spam”). Prohibitions against spamming include, but are not limited to:

  • Transmitting excessive e-mail messages or messages that harass or annoy others
  • Continuing to transmit e-mail to a recipient who has expressed a desire not to receive such e-mail
  • Sending e-mail with forged TCP/IP packet-header information
  • Intentionally omitting, deleting, forging, or misrepresenting transmission information, including headers or return addresses
  • Cloaking sender’s identity or contact information in any manner

Content, Data Protection and Privacy

Clients and Authorized Users are solely responsible for content hosted on, or transmitted through, the Intekras Network, as well as for content on third-party sites linked to the Intekras Network.

To the extent that Intekras Network provides any website links, such links are provided solely as Internet navigation tools for information purposes. Intekras does not endorse the content of those linked sites nor does it adopt, warrant the accuracy of or take responsibility for updating their content. Use of information from linked sites is at Clients’ and Authorized Users’ sole risk.

Intekras does not screen communications transmitted through the Intekras Network. Intekras also is not responsible for screening or monitoring Clients’ or Authorized Users’ content.

Client or Authorized User shall comply with all relevant data protection, privacy, and other applicable laws.

Consequences of Unacceptable Use

Upon notice of a violation of the AUP, Intekras reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to the Intekras Network. Exercise of this right is triggered by any act of the Client or Authorized User (or by any third-party acting on behalf of Client or Authorized User) to attempt or, in fact, to violate this AUP. It is also a violation of the AUP to use another service provider to facilitate prohibited conduct, where such use reasonably can be expected to affect the Intekras Network.

Questions, Comments, Complaints

Intekras reserves the right to modify this AUP at any time. Clients and Authorized Users should direct any question, comment or complaint regarding use, or contemplated use, of the Intekras Network to:

Intekras, Inc.
21515 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 260
Sterling, VA 20166
Attention: Legal Department