Intekras is a progressive and emerging professional services company. Our unique blend of integrated solutions is not common among typical small to medium-sized companies in the Washington metro area. But then again, Intekras is not your ‘typical’ small business. While our suite of services is not unique in and of themselves, our ability to integrate and deliver them in support of your mission is. We offer services in the following areas:

  • Information Assurance & Cybersecurity
  • IT Support Services
  • Training & Workforce Development

Our passion for excellence combined with our commitment to building lasting relationships is the driving force behind everything we do. Understanding that “people buy from people”, building and maintaining strong relationships is foundational to our success and longevity.  We realize that trust is not something that is given, but rather is earned.

In a time when virtues are regularly sacrificed for revenues in the business world, our decree is to do what is right for the client with honesty and integrity — never sacrificing excellence, never compromising our word.

Client Testimonials

Intekras has consistently demonstrated such outstanding performance that, in rare circumstances like these, justifies a rating above ‘excellent.”

Project Officer, COTR/HHS/Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

“I am confident that if an incident occurs, the Intekras team will run to solve it, report it, and see it through to completion. I can’t tell you how important that is to me…I don’t have time to baby sit my partners and I never have to with Intekras.” They do excellent work.”

Chief Information Officer, Peace Corps

“The Intekras team has gone above and beyond delivering on-time and under budget. They are a great asset to the team” …Intekras completed the HSPD-12 C&A process on-time and within budget resulting in HUD’s award of additional C&A work on their General Support System.”

Contracting Officer Technical Representative, Department of Housing & Urban Development

Our name, “Intekras”, is derived from the Latin root word “integritas” which means integrity. We intentionally combined what we do (In-formation tek-nology) with who we are – people of integrity – to derive our identity as an organization. This identity is the foundation stone upon which we have built our reputation of excellence in delivering solutions, and it is reflected in the outstanding customer satisfaction that our clients consistently receive. The following principles define our mission:

  • We strive to make the experience of working with Intekras a pleasure and joy to our customers – the lasting impression we want all of our clients and partners to have is, “We welcome the opportunity to work with Intekras again!”
  • Our guiding principle is to treat our customers, employees and partners as we would like to be treated ourselves. We believe that The Golden Rule applies to business in the 21st century and is as relevant today as it was millenniums ago.
  • We will never compromise our core values and ethics. Doing what is right is more important than revenues or profitability.
  • We will “play to win” and compete according to the rules. We love competition and value hard work and diligence.