Our consistent commitment to excellence propels us to match our core competencies – Information Assurance & Cybersecurity, IT Support Services, and Training & Workforce Development – with the needs of our clients.


Our unique blend of integrated solutions is not common among typical small to medium-sized companies in the Washington metro area, allowing us to work smarter and produce high quality results.


In a time when virtues are regularly sacrificed for revenues in the business world, our mission is to do what is right for the client with honesty and integrity — never sacrificing excellence, never compromising our word.

What Makes Intekras Different


Our ability to provide a fully integrated approach to supporting our clients’ needs is a key differentiator that sets us apart from other small businesses. Instead of offering a “laundry list” of products and services, we have fashioned our business model to focus first on the client’s needs, then develop and implement integrated solutions that harness our specialized technical capabilities. With standardized methodologies, processes, and procedures, Intekras has the unique ability to provide critical support to a wide spectrum of applications – from the Warfighter in the theater of battle to the health professional in the laboratory.Intekras provides client focused solutions to meet your needs.

Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

We identify and rank vulnerabilities and threats to recommend where and how to mitigate the most serious business, operational, and technical exposures and to prevent all IT risks.

IT Support Services

We provide extensive Management and Support expertise in the following areas: Program/Project Management; Enterprise Content Management & Records Storage; Linguistics; Systems & Software Support.

Training & Workforce Development

Our comprehensive suite of training and development solutions enable accelerated organizational and people performance by closing skill-gaps identified within your organization.
Chief, Support Services Branch

The enthusiasm, professionalism, leadership and initiative that I’ve seen Intekras bring to NS5/NS7 have been unmatched in my 40+ years of federal service.

Chief, Support Services Branch / Defense Information Systems Agency

Chief Information Security Officer

The entire Intekras Team is doing a wonderful job at FEMA. 

Chief Information Security Officer /Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency

Division Head, Publications Division

The Intekras manager and staff continue to be invaluable in every possible contractual area. Highly pro-active on any issue of which they are aware, Intekras is informative, accommodating, and professional. They have fulfilled their contract proposal to the letter and in spirit.

Division Head, Publications Division / Naval Warfare Development Command


Join the Intekras Team. We provide our customers with 100% quality service, 100% of the time.